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2016 - 2018
An auto-biographical story of the breast reduction I had at 18. Gender, body issues and teen angst, but told in a light and funny way.

2017 - Now
My collected and ongoing journal comics from my travels. So far covering Japan, Disneyland and Paris (where I did a two week summer school animation course at Gobelins).

Written by Melanie Tait, illustrated by me and published in The Nib.
This is a true story about Melanie's experience getting gastric sleeve surgery. 


I was approached to do a short version of my comic, It's All For The Breast, which you can read here. It was written for the online publication, The Nib.

2014 - 2016

Love, murder, time travel. 

A story of four young people, as they get tangled up in life and each other. 
In an act of self defense, Melody's life is changed forever, and in more ways than one. Now able to time travel, Melody finds herself tempted by possibility. How far will she go to protect the ones she loves?

2013 - 2014

In an isolated lighthouse live two sisters, Anna and Polina, and their mother, Vla. Polina gets engaged and leaves the lighthouse, only to go missing at sea. Concerned for her well-being, Anna and her mother go searching for her, on the desolate and lonely sea.


What happens when a cat becomes human? (Well, kinda.) Find out in this short comic that I did in 24 hours.

This was my first 24hr comic challenge and I was pleased that I managed to create 24 pages within the time limit. Not only that, but Crazy Cat Lady was announced the winning comic of the challenge. (Much to my surprise and delight!)

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